Taxi Services in Gastonia

Airport Taxi Transfers in Gastonia, North Carolina

Travel can often be extremely uncomfortable and stressful, with a number of elements to keep track of including baggage and timings. Our goal is always to make things as easy as possible for our clients, by taking the confusion out of the trip and improving every step of your travel experience. With just one call to us, you can expect our taxi service and our professional taxi driver to put your mind at ease when travelling to and from the airport. Having been in the business for a long time, we understand all aspects of the journey including roads, traffic and airport information making sure any anxiety is decreased. We pride ourselves in planning ahead and you can expect our taxi to pick you up and drop you off on time.

Our pride and goal is being able to accommodate all clients at any time of day or night. Our fleet is kept in pristine condition and you can expect each taxi to be clean, comfortable and affordable for a relaxed airport shuttle trip. If you need a ‘taxi near me’, look no further than GastoniaTaxi here in Gastonia, North Carolina!

Our professional taxi service offers airport shuttle connections to and from the following airports in Gastonia:

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Special Transportation in Gastonia

Our greatest aim is to provide a top of the range taxi service to all walks of life and understand the importance and need for specialist transportation. You can expect a specialist taxi in our fleet to accommodate handicap accessibility, and/or more fragile and elderly passengers for easy and convenient transport across Gastonia hospital, senior homes or clinics whether a check-up or in emergencies.

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When it comes to the most vital and important aspect in your life, we want to make sure you can always rely on Gastonia Taxi. We make sure each taxi driver is well trained both on the road and accommodating each client and their needs for a stress free and enjoyable experience all round.

Hotel Taxi Services and Transfers in Gastonia

One of the many services we offer includes hotel taxi services here in Gastonia  and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a “taxi near me”, the chances are we can assist you and pick you up or drop you off at any hotels of your choice.

We work with the vast majority of the hotels in the area of Gastonia and the wider North Carolina area.

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Just Visiting Gastonia?

If you are just visiting Gastonia, see a selection of things to see and do in and around Gastonia, as well as distances and taxi fares to all major transport services - all reachable by taxi.

Corporate Taxi Accounts in Gastonia

We are pleased to offer a bespoke corporate account for our most loyal and regular taxi clients who require consistent taxi services in Gastonia and the surrounding areas statewide. We offer a specialised business charge to be billed to corporate company accounts on a monthly basis.

We feel confident our taxi service is top of the range in our market, and believe clients who use our service once will come back. With our corporate taxi account, we make it as easy as possible for repeat clients to get the best price and convenience on their busy schedules. 

Here at Gastonia Taxi, we understand how hectic the business world can be, and it truly helps to have a private driver and taxi driver take care of the driving between business trips, meetings or other important appointments.

Whatever the location in and around North Carolina, if you are looking for a taxi near me, call us now at Gastonia Taxi on (704) 396-8880!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a taxi in Gastonia, NC?

Official taxi rates in Gastonia are as follows, however, ultimately you will need to pay what is displayed on the taximeter at the end of your journey:

  • Initial Charge $2.50
  • Each 1/5 Mile $0.50
  • Each Passenger after 2 $0.50
  • Wait time (per hour) $30.00
  • Wait time in Traffic (per hour) $30.00
  • Airport to Downtown (fixed rate) $25.00

How much is a taxi to Downtown Gastonia, NC from the airport?

There is a flat rate fare of $25.00 from the airport to Gastonia Downtown. Click here for more information or View Airports in Gastonia


How much does a taxi cost per mile in Gastonia, NC?

The standard taxi rate is $0.50 per 1/5 miles in Gastonia, NC. This can vary due to several factors, time of day, traffic etc. Call (704) 396-8880 to get a quote or click here for more information.

What is the quickest, easiest way to get a taxi quote in Gastonia, NC?

To get an instant quote for a taxi anywhere in Gastonia simply call (704) 396-8880 or  click here for more information.

How do I book a cab in Gastonia, NC?

You can get a quote for a cab in Gastonia by calling (704) 396-8880.

Which is the best Taxi company in Gastonia?

At we strive to provide the best taxi service available in Gastonia.  Find out more about our services .


Which is the cheapest Taxi company in Gastonia?

Taxi prices in Gastonia vary significantly depending on a number of factors (traffic, time of day, etc.) At we work hard to get you the cheapest price possible for all taxi trips in Gastonia.Click here for details